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Optoma HD25 and HD25LV DLP Projectors Video Review

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We're no strangers to Optoma projectors. Today I'm looking at the HD25 and the HD25LV-two 3D 1080p models that just came to market. We've reviewed the HD65, the HD20, the HD72...and the HD33 among others. That last model came out a couple years ago and presented a real bargain for a 3D 1080p projector. Two things have happened since then which have changed the marketplace: one, there is a lot more competition. New products from BenQ and Epson, among others, are starting to be felt in the budget-projector market. Second, the desire for 3D capabilities has gone down-following the expiration of the artificially-generated hype. Don't believe me? ESPN actually shut down its three-year-old 3D sports channel this month citing "limited consumer adoption of 3D services to the home." Good riddance. As if to prove my point, for 3D Optoma requires the use of an RF emitter and 3D glasses, two items that are conspicuously NOT included.

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FatKevinSmith : This guy is a tool and I have a hard time believing anything coming out of his mouth.. Also his jokes are not funny.
A. j : I use 3D fairly often (once a week) and the main reason I'm looking between the HD25 and HD25LV is the 3D performance. They both use the same chip and same lamp - how does the brightness compare between the two in actual use?
gogo luna : No 3D brightness test between the two?? wow, this is the main reason people are looking at this review.
Darin Miller : The 3D on the HD25-LV is crazy crisp and better than any 3D theater out there including IMax. The Active RF (not IR) glasses perform so well, they behave as if they are Polarized. Very light, great contrast, brightness, popping color and great ambient light peripheral blocking with the RF glasses. My wife was stunned and is hooked. As incredible as my 70 inch Aquos 3DTV is, it can't touch this projector. We will never go to a movie theater again when we have our own 120 inch 3D theater at home.
1969johnj1 : 2000 lumens-3200lumens nor a good choice for home theatre. Dark rooms would become way too bright. They are more day/living room projectors. Is your advice good for anyone looking to start a HT project on a budget? Hmm.

Optoma hd25lv

My Optoma HD25-LV

42099alex : What type of screen are you using?
Вадим : Думаю о покупке проектора, вот хочу узнать радугу заметно или только камера улавливает и как после нескольких месяцев пользования моделью есть минусы?
MrVadimua : Привет, подскажи сколько проработала родная лампа до замены?
MrVadimua : И как ты эксплуатировал проектор? СПС заранее.
CooLDaX : What about rainbow effect? Are you seeing any?




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